Fan Card

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pita Pit Fan Card and where can I get one?

The Pita Pit Fan Card is the electronic Pita Pit loyalty program. Points are earned on all eligible products when your Pita Pit Fan Card is swiped in-store at the time of purchase. You can pick up a Pita Pit Fan Card from any participating Pita Pit store. Find your nearest store.

How do I register my Fan Card?

To register your Fan Card you need to enter the 16 digit number located on the reverse of your card, followed by the 4 digit pin password. From here you can change your username to your email address and your password to one of your choice.

How do I earn points on my Fan Card?

You can earn points on any of the items listed in the Points Schedule purchased in-store. You can find this on the About Fan Card page.

How do I redeem points on my Fan Card?

Points can be redeemed by swiping your Fan Card in-store. You must always have a minimum of 90 points on your Fan Card in order to redeem Pita Pit product. To find out how many points you need to redeem an item of your choice, please refer to the Points Schedule.

Can I earn points using the online ordering system?

Yes, but you do need to enter your 16 digit Fan Card number (no spaces) in your account details both online and in the app if you use this too.

How many items can I redeem at once?

Redemptions are limited to one product per transaction only.

Do the points expire?

Yes, the points expire 12 months from the date that they are earned. So if you earn 10 points today, if they are not redeemed within 12 months from today, then the points will expire.

I have just purchased a Pita Pit product in-store and my points tally has not yet increased, how long does it take to update my Fan Card points?

It can take up to 24 hours for your points balance to be updated on your Fan Card online account.

What if I forget my card when I visit a Pita Pit store, can I still earn points on my Fan Card?

Unfortunately, no you need your card! We need to swipe your card at the time or purchase in order for you to receive your points.

Are points issued on redemptions?

No, points are not issued on redemption transactions.

What if my Fan Card is lost or stolen?

If your registered Fan Card is lost or stolen you will need to pick up a new Fan Card at your nearest Pita Pit store. Once you have a replacement card, you will need to login to your existing Fan Card account and fill out the Replacement Fan Card form. There will be a cost of 50 points to have a new card issued. If your Fan Card is not registered it cannot be replaced.

Can I have more than one Fan Card?

Yes, however points cannot be combined from two or more currently registered cards.

If you have any issues with your Fan Card, please visit your nearest Pita Pit store, or email
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